Official Forms of Address for Letter Writing

(letter address; letter greeting; formal introduction)

Ambassador:  The Honorable ~; Dear M~. Ambassador; The American Ambassador
Associate Justice:  M~.; Justice ~; M~. Justice ~
baron/baroness:  The Right Honorable Lord/Lady ~; My Lord/Madam or Dear Lord/Lady ~; Lord/Lady ~
baronet:  Sir ~, Bt.; Dear Sir or Dear Sir ~; Sir ~
bishop/archbishop:  The Most Reverend ~, Bishop/Archbishop of ~; Your Excellency or Dear Bishop/Archbishop ~; His Excellency or Bishop/Archbishop ~
Brother:  Brother ~; Dear Brother ~ or Dear Brother; Brother ~
cabinet members:  The Honorable ~ or The Secretary of ~; Dear M~. Secretary; The Secretary of ~
cardinal:  His Eminence, ~, Archbishop of ~; Your Eminence or Dear Cardinal ~; His Eminence, Cardinal ~
Chief Justice:  The Chief Justice; Dear Mr. Justice or Dear Mr. Chief Justice; The Chief Justice
Consul-General:  The Honorable ~; Dear M~. ~; M~. ~
countess:  The Right Honorable the Countess of ~; Madam or Dear Lady ~; Lady ~
duke/duchess:  His/Her Grace, the D~ of ~; My Lord Duke/Madam or Dear D~ of; His/Her Grace, the D~ of ~
earl:  The Right Honorable the Earl of ~; My Lord or Dear Lord ~; Lord ~
Episcopal bishop:  The Right Reverend ~; Dear Bishop ~; The Right Reverend ~, Bishop of ~
foreign ambassador:  His/Her Excellency ~; Excellency or Dear M~. Ambassador; The Ambassador of ~
former President:  The Honorable ~; Dear Mr. ~; The Honorable ~
governor:  The Honorable ~; Dear M~. ~; M~. ~
judge:  The Honorable ~; Dear Judge ~; The Honorable ~ or M~. Justice ~ or Judge ~
king or queen:  His/Her Majesty King/Queen ~
knight:  Sir ~; Dear Sir or Dear Sir ~; Sir ~
marquess/marchioness:  The Most Honorable the M~ of ~; My Lord/Madam or Dear Lord/Lady ~; Lord/Lady ~
mayor:  The Honorable ~; Dear Mayor ~; Mayor ~ or The Mayor
military personnel:  'full title'; Dear Admiral / Chief / Colonel / Commander / General / Lieutenant / Private / Sailor / Sergeant / Soldier ~; 'full title'
monsignor:  The Right Reverend Monsignor ~; Right Reverend Monsignor or Dear Monsignor ~; Monsignor ~
Pope:  His Holiness, the Pope or His Holiness, Pope ~; Your Holiness or Most Holy Father; His Holiness or the Holy Father or the Pope or the Pontiff
President of the United States:  The President; Dear Mr. President; The President or The President of the United States
priest:  The Reverend ~; Reverend Father or Dear Father ~; Father ~
protestant minister:  The Reverend ~; Dear Dr./M~. ~; The Reverend/Dr. ~
rabbi:  Rabbi ~; Dear Rabbi/Dr. ~; Rabbi/Dr. ~
royalty in general:  His/Her Royal Highness, the ~/~ of ~; Your Royal Highness; His/Her Royal Highness, the ~/~ of ~
Secretary-General of the United Nations:  His/Her Excellency ~; Dear M~. Secretary-General; The Secretary-General of the United Nations
Sister:  Sister ~; Dear Sister ~ or Dear Sister; Sister ~
Speaker of the House:  The Honorable ~; Dear M~. Speaker; The Speaker of the House of Representatives
state legislator:  The Honorable ~; Dear M~. ~; M~. ~
United Nations representative:  The Honorable ~; Dear M~. Ambassador; The United States Representative to the United Nations
United States Representative:  The Honorable ~; Dear M~. ~; Representative ~ of ~
United States Senator:  The Honorable ~; Dear Senator ~; Senator ~ from ~
Vice President:  The Vice President; Dear Mr. Vice President; The Vice President or the Vice President of the United States
viscount/viscountess:  The Right Honorable the V~ ~; My Lord/Lady or Dear Lord/Lady ~; Lord/Lady ~
wife of baronet:  Lady ~; Dear Madam or Dear Lady ~; Lady ~
wife of knight:  Lady ~; Dear Madam or Dear Lady ~; Lady ~