Dictionary.com Wireless

Now you can access Dictionary.com through your WAP-enabled mobile phone. (Check with your service provider to find out if your phone is WAP-enabled.) Here's how:

  • Bring up your phone's mini-browser.
  • Type in the address field either of the following addresses:
    • dictionary.com/hdml
    • dictionary.com/wml
  • Check with your service provider if you are not sure how to do this.
  • One or the other address might not work, depending on your phone.

If you have a Sprint PCS mobile phone, it's even easier:

  • Bring up your mini-browser in your phone.
  • Choose the "Tools and Reference" folder
  • Choose Dictionary.com
  • Call Sprint PCS customer care if you have any questions.

The following services are available on our wireless site:

  • Definitions from the WordNet dictionary.
  • A translator, which translates preset phrases from English into Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.
Dictionary.com Wireless Web site

Home page
Screen shot of the home page of the Dictionary.com Wireless Web site


The translator
Screen shot of the Dictionary.com Wireless Web translator

If you don't have a WAP-enabled mobile phone and would like to get one, you can find and purchase one at Amazon.com.