Word Lookup Data Detectors

With Word Lookups Apple Data Detectors you can look up words at Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com from just about any Mac OS application. To use Word Lookups, you'll need a PowerPC-based computer running Mac OS 8.0 or later, or Mac OS 7.6 with the Contextual Menu Extension and the Text Encoding Converter Extension. You'll also need Apple Data Detectors and AppleScript enabled.

  1. If you haven't already, download and install Apple Data Detectors from VersionTracker:

    Latest Version

  2. Download and decode Word Lookups Apple Data Detectors:

    BinHex (more compatible) or MacBinary (smaller)

    Note: this software is released under the GNU Public License.

  3. Open the Apple Data Detectors control panel:

    ADD Control Panel

  4. Choose "Install Detector File..." from the File menu:

    Install DB

  5. Find the Dictionary Lookup DB file in the Word Lookups folder from step 1:

    Find detector file

  6. Choose "Install Action File..." from the File menu:

    Install Actions Menu

  7. Find the Dictionary Lookup and Thesaurus Lookup action files from the same folder:

    Install Action File

    Lookup with IC (Internet Config) opens up the definition in the default browser specified in Apple's Internet control panel (Mac OS 8.5 and later) or via the freeware Internet Config control panel. Lookup with IC is required for use with Internet Explorer, iCab and any browser other than Netscape.

    Lookup with NS (Netscape) can open up definitions in Netscape only.

    We recommend using Lookup with IC and using Internet Config or Apple's Internet control panel to designate your default browser.

  8. Now you can control-click on any word in any ADD-aware program to lookup definitions at Dictionary.com and synonyms at Thesaurus.com!

Many thanks and much respect to Matthew C. Miller <mbus@usa.net>, the creator of the Dictionary Lookup Detectors.